Heber Light & Power

Heber Light & Power

As Chairman of the Board of Heber Light & Power, I have worked with the other Mayors and board members to bring about a positive change to the company.  The board has worked together with management to ensure the company’s integrity is preserved and that it is financially sound.   A vital part of this change came in the hiring of a new General Manager. I am happy to report that he has provided strong leadership and is moving the company forward to meet all the challenges that are inherent in the electric company business.

Heber Light and Power has also adopted a better rate structure system for residential and commercial customers. This change will help to prevent the subsidization of some customers by others. Another necessary change occurred in employee policies. We have gone through the personnel policies of the employees and have made (and will continue to make) appropriate cuts and changes to better serve the rate payers and to strengthen the company.

The board and management hired a new CFO.  The new CFO and the board have set up a strong security system to watch over the finances of the company.   We have moved from in house legal, to out sourcing our legal counsel.

Most importantly, as I promised, I personally made sure all the money from the insurance increase of the previous board members and city council members, was paid back in entirety.

Thanks to these changes and the dedication of the Heber Light & Power employees, services provided by Heber Light & Power have been recognized as being among the best in state.  The employees are knowledgeable, professional, and they take great pride in their work and in the company. All of these accomplishments and many more have been a team effort with the board and management working together.